The Sculpture Preludes are 24 focused sonic/sculptural experiments examining the agency of objects.



Big Jugs (Spring 2014 -  )

The resonant frequency of 4 two-liter wine jugs are to be recorded three times a week until the water completely evaporates.


Silhouette of Burb and a Battery (March 2014)

A D-battery and a house (200 College St, Middletown, CT) perform a duet.


Flow Into Me (Spring 2014 -  )

2 empty bottles of whiskey and a person struggle to transfer water between themselves.

Flow Into Me.jpg

Stress Fracture (July 2014)

A copper tube is re struck by a pickaxe. 


Hammered (July 2014)

The structural integrity of a aluminum ventilation tube is tested by a steel bar.


Blow Hole

A PVC pipe eventually succumbs to sandpaper.


In Pre Production


High Strung

The tension of a single string is measured over the course of an academic year.